Enlarged breasts in bodybuilder (gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue in men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Since it causes anxiety, psychosocial discomfort and fear of breast cancer, early diagnostic evaluation is important and patients usually seek medical attention. If this condition can be diagnosed early on then a lot of damage can be stopped.

An even larger percentage of the population of men suffer from something called (pseudogynecomastia). What this means is that they were born or inherited the predisposition to store extra fat in their chest.  It is a byproduct of being overweight and as such more likely to affect people who don’t exercise regularly.

Unlike gynecomastia, however, the pseudo variant does not have anything to do with your hormones and is simply a byproduct of your diet.

Steroids a are a big cause of gynecomastia in bodybuilders. They can manipulate testosterone and estrogen levels, typically tilting more towards estrogen, and as a result increase breast tissue.

Causes of gynecomastia

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Lack of testosterone or exposure to estrogen
  • Underlying medical conditions like liver disease
  • Some medications, including anabolic steroids

It’s unfortunate that men who are very fitness minded don’t have a better medical understanding about the negative affect steroids can have on their body, specifically their chest. This often times causes men to push their physique to the limits by experimenting with steroids use

Breast tissue that has developed from using steroids will not go away. It is permanent. Not even diet or increasing chest workouts will remedy the problem. Gynecomastia surgery is the only solution for removing breast tissue.

Swollen breasts become more common among males as they approach older age. Older men produce less testosterone, and they usually have more fat than younger men. This, too, can result in a higher production of estrogen.


It is first noticed as some sensitivity in the nipple area often going on to real discomfort. As the tissue further develops, the area will swell and extend laterally under the arm. The condition can run the range from a mass under the nipple with perhaps some coning to fully developed breasts.

The areola, the area of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple, may increase in diameter, and the chest tissue may appear asymmetrical.

How to prevent Gynecomastia?

If you’re considering Steroids you can’t deny the fact that you will require a proper Post Cycle Therapy. 

Clomid is actively used in bodybuilding and sports to normalize the body’s work on the production of endogenous hormones after a course of steroids. Clomid blocks the hormone estrogen from interacting with the pituitary gland. When estrogen interacts with the pituitary gland, less luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone are produced. Such use is not provided by drug manufacturers, but is the result of personal experience of men involved in body building. Therefore, few doctors can consult and prescribe a remedy for this purpose.

For Clomid to be effective to bodybuilders, ensure you take a balanced diet and do regular workouts. To achieve the desired, visit your medical practitioner.

One of the reasons why man boob is becoming more common among bodybuilders is they are unaware of the risks or ignoring the risks of taking steroids.

How to get rid of Gynecomastia?

As soon as you notice signs that your chest is swelling, stop taking the steroids and start your post cycle therapy.

If you are facing somewhat pure Glandular Gynecomastia then, of course, the only way to get rid of this is going for surgery. The surgery consists of a combination of liposuction and direct glandular excision through a small incision at the nipple border.

It is always recommended to be evaluated by a medical doctor to be sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition present such as breast cancer, tumors and hyperthyroidism.